domingo, 2 de maio de 2010

Pois é.

let me see...

there are so many good things when giving and receiving are all about a relashionship... we never know exactly how things are being received or given, we are just there at the moment wide open, waiting and living.
other hand this moment is something that should be a celebration for both! otherwise it would be unfair.
Life is just one, moments sometimes are so intense and people are most of the time the most responsable for the losts.
there is also a moment when the more than perfect is undone.
the worst part it is when we have to live with the sorrow of the lost or the apart, anyway this is so needy in life.
First we get the moment that we think all the things are gonna be all right and that in some days you will be OK, this moment is horrible and painfull because it is when you know that you will have to learn how to walk again, without the old arm, shoulders, words and stuffs, the second moment it is when you get insane, you go nuts, you are able to kill anyone.
But there is a great moment, it is when you see that life is so much fair, and love is always back again, at this moment you start to respect yourself, to respect the other and to see other many ways of being happy.
At this moment you do not get angry anymore, what used to be a reason to get anger you get laughs and ashemed.
Life is so great,people are so weird but I just love them!
Thanks God I am a dancer!

A little of a Brazilian Genius Tom Jobim! He saved my sunday!

Pois é
Fica o dito e redito por não dito
É difícil dizer que inda é bonito
Cantar o que me restou de ti

nosso mais-que-perfeito está desfeito
E o que me parecia tão direito
Caiu desse jeito sem perdão

disfarçar minha dor já não consigo
Dizer que nós somos bons amigos
É muita mentira para mim

E enfim
hoje na solidão ainda custo
A entender como o amor foi tão injusto
pra quem só lhe foi dedicação

Pois é, e então

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